Trying Internet Explorer 9 Platform Previews

26 May 2010

Over the last few months at conferences and events, it’s been fun to show off the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Previews! People seem to get pretty excited about it, and understandably so!

The engineering team has been super hard at work making sure that IE9 is going to rock, and to ensure that we’ve got stuff to show you some of the new things we’ve implemented. To do that, they built the Internet Explorer Test Drive Site ( which has all of the demos and other fun stuff you can try either in Internet Explorer, or see how it works in other browsers.


If you try it in Internet Explorer 8, you’ll find some of the demos don’t work, for example since IE8 doesn’t support XHTML, any of the XHTML demos are grayed out. You can try side by side in other browsers and see the performance increases that have been made and lots more.

And don’t forget, you can install the Platform Previews side by side with your current Internet Explorer installation, and it won’t cause any problems. That way you can install or remove it as necessary, and continue your day to day stuff without any problems!