Internet Explorer: Understanding Compat Features For Developers

18 Jun 2010

IE9DocModeThe IE Engineering team posted a great blog post on the IE Blog yesterday about the compatibility features of Internet Explorer 9 that is really worth checking out – it explains in great depth about the different modes that Internet Explorer offers as well as provides some best practices for how to make sure your code works exactly the way you expect it to!

IE’s Compatibility Features for Site Developers

They even went so far as to create a flow chart type diagram that shows how Internet Explorer chooses which rendering engine to use when displaying a page, both as a png (which I’ve included below) and as SVG diagram!


And in other cool news, the product management team (the team I’m on) also started a blog this week, Ryan Gavin posted the first post and it should be an interesting read. If you’re a web designer or web developer, you’ll likely want to stick with the IE Engineering Blog, but pop over to our other blog once in a while, it should make for some interesting reading about things that aren’t quite engineering related!