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@ericlaw @jaffathecake Indefinitely means “for an unlimited or unspecified period of time.” They specified a time, two weeks. They could have said “For at least the next two weeks, and potentially longer”. But yes, it is a little cowardly.

So excited for #JaggedLiveNYC tonight! It was the last show I saw before Broadway shut down, and it was SO amazing. The story is great, the music is so good, and the cast is out of this world. Thanks bringing a bright note to a tough time!

I’ve written, rewritten, and rewritten this post too many times. The next 8 days are going to be very difficult. Please excuse me if I’m not at my best.

My name is Pete, my pronouns are he/him/his. Put yours in your bio, if it helps to make one more person feel more comfortable with themselves, you’ve succeeded.

#PronounsDay #InternationalPronounsDay…

How can you use Analytics to see the difference between users who opened your PWA up via the launcher vs users in a browser tab? Curious if they’re more engaged? Convert more? Spend more time on site? Working on full docs, but in the mean time check out…

Well, that’s a new one. Adult content bots sharing content and tagging in the author(s). I did not expect to see that (literally or figuratively)!

@apf @slightlylate I’ve got the Awair, and it doesn’t need calibration. And if you put money into an FSA account, HEPA air purifiers are covered with a note from your doctor! Super easy to submit the claim and they responded within a day.

Chrome 81 was supposed to be the debut of the redesigned set for New in Chrome. It looks amazing! But, everything changed and I’ve been shooting from home ever since. Wanna see the new set? There’s a sneak peek in our channel trailer.…

@AngularChicago The check is the best, it means you meet all of the requirements for installability. If you look down below in the checklist, it’ll tell you what you’re missing to get to the Lighthouse Happy State™

@davidbrunelle I’ve been using it since November, and have been happy. I was using it on Android for years before that. It doesn’t have the magical switching capabilities that Android has, but I haven’t really had any complaints… Also, I love my currently tiny bill!!