Pete LePage

Thoughts on web development, life, and photography.


head shot of Pete in a blue jumper

I’m Pete LePage, a Developer Advocate on the web team at Google, based in New York city. I take the sharp edges off bleeding edge web tech, and make it easy for developers to use.

Biography #

Pete joined Google in 2011 as a Developer Advocate working on the Chrome Web Store team and the open web platform. He’s been designing websites since his early days in high school, evolving from overlapping <blink>, <marquee> and <font> tags on GeoCities to properly styled CSS, managed hosted websites. Pete works with the web developer community to build awesome new web applications using open web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.

He can often be found traveling the world with his friends, seeing both exotic and ordinary sites, or in a black and white darkroom printing something he shot with a film camera! He has studied and taught at the prestigious Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle where he completed his Thesis in Fine Art Photography.

Pete keeps an irregular blog at and can be found occasionally on Twitter at @petele

Bonus #

Curious why I sign my emails with PEte?