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@Spotify - can we please have a feature that lets us pick when we want Christmas music to start.

I was listening to a playlist today and got a Christmas song. I am NOT ready for Christmas music yet!

RT @firt: What would you ask to the “Future of Web Apps” panel at #PWASummit? People from Samsung, Intel, Google, Microsoft, W3C, and mysel…

I lost a really good friend this weekend, and it hurts a lot.

Don’t say I’m sorry, don’t retweet, don’t like this. Please go hug someone you love. I wish I could hug my friend once more. 😢

@c_9 AZ isn’t approved in the US yet, I suspect they’ll change that at some point. Also one bway officially opens in September, no vaccine requirement. Mask only.

If you’re at #GoogleIO there are a bunch of us at the group table in the web tent answering questions and talking about Progressive Web Apps and Fugu #Fugu #PWA Join us! 😃

@firt You sir, are correct on both points as usual! 😃 -There’s discussions on how to correct the spec to enable localization, but people need a solution now.

  • We rolled back the change, but it was too late to remove that section completely. I still think the content is important!

Most days, I think I have one of the coolest jobs. But then I start building something like the @LEGO_Group Shuttle Discovery… And I question my life choices. Being a Lego designer and making all those pieces fit together, RESPECT!


Gmail translate usually works pretty well, except when it doesn’t. And before you ask, no, I haven’t had any beans in the last 24 hours.



@thexpaw @ChromiumDev It’s an interesting point… But our focus has been on the quality of installed PWAs, and making sure they have the same behavior as other installed apps, and this is one key aspect that we felt was important to improve for users.

@thexpaw @ChromiumDev I look at a custom offline page in the same way as a customized 404 page. You can use the one provided by the server, but it doesn’t fit your brand/site well. There are also some fun things you can do to keep users engaged when offline.

@Una Legit, it is the only house with that address, at that location (in time and space) that’s being sold, and it probably will only be sold maybe a few times since the Paleozoic Era. So… technically true?! 😃