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Behind the name "PEte"

Over time, many people have asked me why I sign my name PEte, as opposed to Pete. First off, yes, it’s intentional. 😃 It all started when I was in second year university. I think there were two factors that affected me doing it.

For many years, when I signed my name in email, I didn’t get my finger off the shift key fast enough, and I would sign PEte, but I’d go back and fix it. It, wasn’t a big deal, and really, I’d only do it 1 in 3 times maybe, so it was often enough to notice it, but not often enough to do anything about. One of those annoying little typing things that most people have I think.

Shortly there after, one of the people I was dating had a habit of writing his emails in all sorts of different capitals. For exAmPle, hiS emaIls would lOOk sOmethIng lIkE this. It was kind of fun, though a little wierd to read, and one day, I just decided to not fix the PEte that I signed my email with on an email to him.

I was on a work term (coop/internship that semester) and for some reason I was in one of my “whatever” moods that day, and proceeded to sign the rest of my work emails with PEte. Since then it has pretty much stuck. Every email I send these days, I sign “PEte”. I think at this point (December 2006), it’s been over 7 years that I’ve signed my name like that.

I’ve kept doing it for a couple of reasons, not only is it habit, but it also helps me stand out a bit. I have a pet peeve, I can’t stand fitting in the mould. I want to be close to the mould, but just different enough that I’m not in the mould, and I think this is one way I do it.

There you go, the story of PEte. I typically only tell people who ask, but figured it’d be a fun little story to share.

Take care,

PEte 😛