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Advertising in the DVR And New Media World

On my way home from work last night, I was listening to NPR when I heard a story about KFC’s new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich ad.

The short version is that KFC is running an ad with a very very short scene, too short to catch without some kind of DVR. If you manage to pause at the right time, there is a cupon code to get yourself a free sandwich from KFC!

What an interesting way to get people to watch your ads! According to the article about 70% of people who have DVR’s skip the commercials, so the advertisers need to find new ways of getting into our homes. Well, this is certainly one way. It’s not going to work for every case (it’ll start getting old after they do it once or twice, and they depend on the hype to advertise about the fact there is something secret in their ads).

The interesting thing is that this ties into Mix06 quite a bit. Mix06 is all about how the next generation applicances, devices and web sites are going to market to you, and become more of a regular every day occurance!