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CSS Celebrates 10 years and Problems With BHOs & Tool Bars?

We just moved into our new building here on campus (we moved from 42 (good) to 17 (not so good)).  I’ve spent most of the day unpacking so far, and haven’t gotten much else done yet.  Though I’m back to a window office.  I’m right at the edge here on getting a window office.  I’ve been here 5.5 years, and 5 seems to be about the magic number for this tema.  The question now becomes how long will I get to keep it until someone more senior comes along.  In any event, this new building is interesting.  The view out of my window is great, the fact that I CANNOT find the stairs for the life of me, drives me up the wall.  I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t like taking an elevator for less than 5 floors.  I’m on the third, so I’d rather take the stairs.  In this building, I’ve not been able to consistently find them yet.  God forbid if there is a fire or anything like that, I’m screwed!

I also thought it would be neat to throw out a happy birthday to CSS!  The W3C, in a press release today announced that CSS is now 10 years old.  Very neat, though a little scary.

Also, I came across a blog post on Tony Schreiner’s blog about problems with BHO’s and Toolbars.  If you’re working on one, and you’re running into problems, it might be worth checking out!