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Canadian Chrome Web Store Incentives

The last month has been really exciting for the Chrome Web Store. Not only did we launch the new (and very much improved user experience), we also launch internationally. The Chrome Web Store is available in lots more countries, but one in particular is close to my heart - Canada. In fact, I was up in Canada last week for a hack-a-thon and to meet with some great companies to talk about the Chrome Web Store.

With any newly launched product, there are lots of great opportunities for people to jump on board early, and if you’re a Web Developer in Canada, this is certainly one of them. On Thursday, we announced a special program for Canadian Web Developers. We want to see more Canadian Web Developers featured with apps that will resonate with Canadians. That’s why we’re offering a great incentive for submitting your apps! Our panel of experts will review the apps that you submit and for each app that meets the criteria, you will receive a $200 Amazon gift certificate - not to mention exposure to more than 200 million Chrome users around the world.

Chrome Web Store - Shopping Bag

You’ve got until December 31, 2011 at midnight (PST) to get your app submitted to the Chrome Web Store and fill out the submission form. You’ve got just about 2 months to get your app built and submitted.  Be sure to read the complete rules and regulations at here.



To learn more visit The Chrome Web Store Canadian Web Developer Incentive Program site, including full regulations, and how to submit your app!

If you’re looking for resources to get you started, check out some of these links:

Good luck!