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Seeing the world through high DPI

At Google I/O this year every attendee got a brand new, beautiful Chromebook Pixel - for many, it was their first high DPI (a so called retina) laptop, and I think many people realized how, um, not so beautiful 1x images look on a 2x screen. In other words, how crappy most of the web looks on a high DPI display.

While there, John Mellor and I gave a talk covering the best practices for building sites that look good on high DPI displays. We covered the theory behind the three different types of pixels and how browsers display 1x images on 2x displays, and the best practices for making sure your site looks great on any device, no matter what if it’s a regular screen or a high DPI display.

You can check out the video below or on YouTube, and we’ve also posted the slides.